Audit Scotland: Using collaborative leadership to improve outcomes – the Scottish approach

Stipend: £3,752 total for 3 months (3 month funding extension for ESRC students), plus expenses
Deadline for applications: 29 July 2019
About the host

Audit Scotland gives independent assurance to the people of Scotland that public money is spent properly, efficiently and effectively.

Project details

Start date (or must start by): 31/01/2020

Research into how leadership across Scotland’s public sector is evolving in response to the focus in the Scottish Government’s reform agenda on collaboration, prevention, and improving outcomes for communities and citizens (i.e. the Christie agenda).

This should involve a description of current thinking in modern leadership practices and comparative analysis with approaches in other countries (e.g. Scandinavia, New Zealand, etc.) which are committed to outcomes-based approaches to public services.

It will involve a critical review of current leadership styles and approaches across Scotland’s public sector, including an analysis of the extent to which they are contributing to or inhibiting public service reform.

It is anticipated that much of the research will be desk-based, but some primary research may also be required.

This work will contribute to our understanding of and commentary on public sector leadership in Scotland. Effective public sector leadership is a necessary condition for the effective use of public money – a key area of interest to Audit Scotland

The intended output is a short research report setting out findings, conclusions and recommendations for change.

This may end up being a published report or contributing to Audit Scotland’s programme development work.

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Further information

All internships are paid positions (commensurate with Research Council doctoral stipend levels) and are normally full time, although part time working can be considered.

You will pause your PhD work for the duration of the internship and will receive an extension at the end of your research period. Students can claim up to a maximum of £2,400 (for a 3 month internship) to cover all reasonable travel and accommodation costs for the period of the internship. For example, commuting or relocation costs.

Internships are open to Social Science PhD students in Scotland regardless of funding. Please note that students with Tier 4 visas are not eligible to apply for full-time internships. 

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