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Sgoil Cheumnaichean Saidheans Sòisealta na h-Alba

When Methods Meet

Socio-material approaches: Actor-network theory and Karen Barad’s diffractive methodology


This 18-minute film captures a conversation between two people who undertake socio-material research in different ways, drawing on actor-network theory and the agential realism of Karen Barad. Tara Fenwick and Sarah Doyle both highlight the importance of researchers paying attention to the human and non-human elements that comprise particular phenomena, and the messy connections among people and things. Both draw on research projects that have attempted to understand phenomena that are continually evolving, and both are mindful of the ethical and practical implications of researchers’ choices to focus on one aspect of a phenomenon over others. Socio-material approaches have lessons for professional practice in fields such as health and education.

Academics in conversation: Sarah Doyle and Tara Fenwick, University of Stirling.


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We have created a downloadble resource sheet for this video. It has a transcript of the conversation, the list of references, and suggested seminar questions.