SGSSS is committed to supporting students’ training and development throughout their PhD journey.

Training is available all year round and is led by outcomes of the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) process. SGSSS builds on the training provided by our partner HEIs and delivers advanced training where the TNAs identify training needs, which would be of benefit to other PhD students across Scotland. We draw on the expertise at our partner HEIs or bring in external specialists where this is required.

Training also supports and facilitates cohort development, interdisciplinarity, and knowledge exchange and impact through monthly training events across Scotland, the summer school programme and pathway hub activities.

Funds are directed towards several key areas, which cover Advanced Training, Student-led Training, Spring into Methods, Working with Business, Pathway-specific training and the prestigious SGSSS Summer School.

Pathway Training Fund (PTF)

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (SGSSS) is committed to providing high quality pathway training (PT) in research methods to our postgraduate students. 

The Pathway Training Fund (PTF) supports the delivery of advanced and specialist training events in addition to the above, where pathway/colleagues can make an argument that their event offers something new and useful. The PTF can be used to cover travel, accommodation and the related logistical costs involved in running Pathway Training events. The PTF aims to deliver the highest quality advanced training to postgraduate students in Scotland through producing a year-round calendar of events. The fund is not to be used for core training delivered through Masters level modules, or to provide standard training that higher education institutions deliver to PhD students.

The application process for pathway training is open to all colleagues, and we ask that applicants apply via the SGSSS CRM platform, GradHub. It is advised that when applicants apply they notify pathway convenors, hub leads and their own institutional award administrators.

The normal maximum amount that can be applied for will be £2,500. On the PT application form, we require a breakdown of how the requested funds will be used. There is no cap on the number of applications that can be submitted by a pathway although a high-quality threshold will be applied to all requests. For events that actively involve more than one pathway in the planning and delivery of the event, aim to attract students from a range of disciplines, and include more than 30 students attending from the SGSSS, the maximum funding limit has been raised to £3,500.

We will only accept PTF applications where the event is due to run more than 2 months after the proposal submission date.

Please carefully review the guidance provided and upload complete application forms via GradHub.

Student-Led Training Fund (SLTF)

The Student-Led Training Fund is a new SGSSS initiative. 

As well as allowing students to lead on deciding what events they would most value, student-organisers will gain leadership & management skills. As there is a full calendar of training opportunities, this fund is expected to be used to host invited speakers/develop Masterclass training. However, students’ ideas beyond this are welcomed.

Student(s) are expected to lead on the applications, but support from your Dean of Graduate Studies is also required, to ensure you have backing from your institution.

There is an annual budget of £5,000. This is to cover the cost (travel, a local hotel) of an invited speaker. It is likely that individual applications to the fund will not exceed £500. The SGSSS will reimburse student travel where the event is 30+ miles from their home institution from our own funds.

The next call will be launched on 4 April 2019, with events able to happen between July 2019-July 2020 (inclusive). Applications can be made via GradHub.


Timeline for both the PTF and SLTF:

4 April 2019 – Launch of call for 2019/20 events 

17 May 2019 – Deadline for applications

27 May 2019 – Decisions communicated to applicants

ESRC Training Funds

There are several additional funding resources available for ESRC-funded students to access during the course of their PhD studies. These include the Overseas International Visits (OIV), Overseas Fieldwork (OFW) and Difficult Language Training (DLT) funding strands, alongside the Research Training Support Grant (RTSG).​