There are several additional funding resources available for ESRC-funded students to access during the course of their PhD studies. These include the Overseas International Visits (OIV), Overseas Fieldwork (OFW) and Difficult Language Training (DLT) funding strands, alongside the Research Training Support Grant (RTSG).

All applications must be supported by the student’s supervisor and approved by the HEI Admin Lead for the host institution before submission. Students and supervisors are strongly encouraged to utilise the Training Needs Audit (TNA) as a tool to identify training requirements and to plan and prepare for the year ahead.

Please refer to the ESRC Funding and Payment Arrangements before completing your application. 

You may submit an application at any time, however please note that there are 3 internal deadlines per academic year at which applications will be reviewed. For 2018/19 these are: 

October 18 2018
January 24 2019
May 16 2019 


How to Apply
1. Download application form
2. Fill out the downloaded form
3. Send to Supervisor to complete statement of support​
4. Submit your completed form via GradHub

Overseas Fieldwork and Difficult Language Training

An additional allowance is available for ESRC-funded students who will undertake overseas fieldwork, and/or those who require language training in order to complete their studies. In both cases, this must have been outlined in your original research proposal for +3 (or doctoral) studentship holders, or before the commencement of the doctoral portion of the studies for those undertaking 1+3 study or similar. Please note that there are 3 deadlines per year.

Download OFW application form

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Download DLT application form

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Overseas Institutional Visits

This allowance represents a paid extension to your course of study for a visit, language training, attendance at relevant seminars or for research specific training, networking etc. not available in the UK. It was introduced by ESRC to support and encourage the international engagement of ESRC funded students.

Due to the limited nature of the Overseas Institutional Visits funding stream, the application process will be run as a competition from 2018/19 onwards. Candidates are advised to read the application requirements carefully. Please note that there are 3 deadlines per year.

Download OIV application form

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Research Training Support Grant

All ESRC-funded students are eligible for RTSG. This funding source is available to support expenses such as UK fieldwork, attendance of UK and EU conferences and summer schools and other costs deemed to be in direct support of your research. Further details on the types of cost covered can be found in the guidance. Please note that there are 3 deadlines per year.

Download RTSG application form

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